Your Neighborhood

Your precinct is an extension of your neighborhood. It is geographically drawn to include roughly the same number of residents as the other precincts. New growth, however, has made some precincts much larger than others. Your precinct is represented by a Precinct Committeeman who can help you and who also very much needs your help to advance our party's goals. Find yours by clicking here.

Your precinct may share one voting location with other precincts, or have its own location.

Due to the census data, county board and state legislative districts are redrawn during the second year of every decade. In some instances you may have more than one legislative or county board district in your precinct.

If you are registered to vote, Kane County will mail you a voter card prior to major elections. That card will indicate your precinct, township and congressional districts.

You can also visit the Kane County Elections website to determine your voting district and also to determine if you are registered to vote in Kane County, IL. Visit the Kane County Elections website now.

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