Western Townships Officers and Precinct Committeemen

Every two years the elected precinct committmen of the Western Townships meet to elect officers for the organization to a two year term. In March 2018 Terry Hunt was elected as Chairman. Vicki Danklefsen was re-elected as Vice Chair. Laura Pollastrini was elected as Secretary and Ted Koch was elected as Treasurer. 


The chart below shows the Townships and Precincts of the Western Kane County Republican Organization and the respective Precinct Committemen.

To bring up a map of the precinct, click on the name of the Township Precinct. Clicking on the name of the Precinct Committeeman will bring up a contact form which will enable you to send an e-mail. Precincts marked VACANT are in need of Precinct Committemen. If you can serve as a Precinct Committeeman for the Republican Party, please email

Vicki Danklefsen.JPG
Terry Hunt (1).jpg

Terry Hunt Chairman

Vicki Danklefsen Vice Chairman

Laura Pollastrini Secretary

township map.png
Ted Koch.jpg

Ted Koch Treasurer

Rutland 9 


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